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When do you need a Malpractice Attorney?

Medical malpractice is described as the negligence of a physician or medical professional in performing treatment that is below the standards set by the medical community, which results in injury or death. Medical error is extremely complicated in most cases. If you have been a victim, it is best to consult and hire a Colorado medical malpractice lawyer. If you know the details about the costs and coverage of your case than it will help you understand the claim better and find the right lawyer to cater to your needs.

The Statistics

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), about 225,000 individuals die each year of medical malpractice. 12,000 individuals die from surgeries that were not truly needed and almost 200,000 people die from medical errors that could have been avoided. Lethal side effects from medications also kill over 100,000 people every year. Surgeons are the usual culprits, with 50% of all legal claims of medical malpractice directed towards these professionals. 1.5 million individuals either die or are injured because of errors made in medications each year. However, out of the staggering numbers, only 2% of all individuals file personal injury for compensation.

The Lawyer’s Role

The medical malpractice lawyer will help you file the claim against the persons or establishments involved. A good lawyer will want to know all the details beginning from the first time you met with the medical practitioner. You will delve into the different aspects and phases of treatment, diagnosis, interventions and follow-up care since medical problems can arise from any of these stages. The compensation will depend on the scope and extent of the injury sustained. The attorney’s role is to prove that there has been negligence on the part of the medical practitioner to prove that medical malpractice occurred.

Four elements of negligence have to be proven by the plaintiff to claim medical malpractice. These include inclusion of duty, breach of duty and damages incurred. The damages incurred will be the basis for filing a claim. These also prove negligence on the part of the medical provider to show that omission of proper care or substandard activities resulted in the medical problems that you or your loved one suffers. The attorney should prove that the standards of care were not specifically followed, therefore causing death or injury in the part of the patient.

Finding the Professional

Medical malpractice lawyers are available in many offices and firms in your state. You can also search and compare attorneys by visiting a number of websites. Read more about the different cases they have handled, and then consider 2 to 4 choices that best relate to your case. It is good to work with a licensed professional who has had enough experience and information about the specific case you’re filing. You increase your chances of getting the benefits and compensation by choosing an attorney who is familiar with your status and has had a number of similar works before. Take time to compare professionals based on their experience, your required features and the budget.

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