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When do you need a Burn Injury Attorney?

Fires are a common occurrence in every state and country. However, if people are affected by a fire because of the negligence of others or because of a faulty system, a burn injury lawyer can come to the aid of victims. Personal injury claims can be made to provide compensation to the injured parties. Coverage can be given based on hospital and treatment bills, medications and lost property or possessions. Finding the right attorney will require you to do some research and comparisons first for best results. Here are some tips and guidelines.

Fire and Burn Injury Statistics

Even though residential fires have been reduced since the 1970s, it is still the third leading cause of death in homes. Deaths due to fire and burns in the United States are 8th among 25 developed nations. It is still a huge public health concern today, which is why more individuals are seeking the help of a Colorado burn injury lawyer to settle their claims. In 2010, an average of one person dies in a fire every 169 minutes, while one person gets injured or burned every 30 minutes. Although a majority of victims die from toxic gases and smoke, many injuries are caused by burns.

Cost is also a big concern among the affected. For males, the total cost of burn and fire injuries is $4.8 billion, while women comprise 36% of all burn and fire injuries and claim about $2.7 billion in damages. Fatal fire and burn injures make up 2% of all fatal injuries, amounting to $3 billion, while hospitalized burn injuries comprise 1% of the total or $1 billion. Even those that are non-hospitalized comprise another 2% or $3 billion.

The Role of the Burn Injury Lawyer

The burn injury attorney will file personal claims to cover all medical and hospitalization expenses until the patient is fully recovered. In the event of death, the lawyer will also file a claim to cover all fees and expenses. Losses to property and possessions can also be claimed, as well as other ill effects like development of a disease from the fire or burn, inability to work or mental and emotional trauma. The attorney will need to take all the features of the account carefully so that the right file can be submitted. Different types of accidents can be considered burn or fire accidents such as construction or car accidents. These special aspects will also be considered.

Finding the Right Professional

When searching for the proper burn injury attorney, look for a firm that has enough experience and information on this type of case. There are sites on the web where you will find a number of professionals in your area who specialize in your specific case and condition. Feel free to browse the pages, view customer feedback and find other information that will help you understand the case and statutes better. Read about the company history and type of training their lawyers go through.

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