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When do you need a Boating Injury Attorney?

Similar to other modes of travel, boats can malfunction and have accidents that can cause injury, property damage or even death. In these cases, it is important to look for a Colorado boat accident lawyer who is experienced and well-informed in the laws of your state. Knowing the statistics of boat accidents can also help to give you a better idea of how to file your claim. You can increase your chances of finding the ideal boat accident attorney by asking the right questions and knowing which aspects to review.

Boating Accident Statistics

Each year, the United States Coast Guard records statistics on different boating accidents. These are generally based on the reports submitted by operators and owners of different water vessels that have experienced either minor or major accidents. The U.S. Coast guard recorded 4,730 accidents in 2009. Of this number, there were 3,358 injuries and 736 deaths. About $36 million was lost due to property and vessel damage. 75% of all cases that included deaths were due to drowning. 84% of those who drowned did not have a life jacket. 70% of those who drowned were riding open motorboats measuring no more than 21 feet long. For every, 100,000 registered vessels, there were 5.8 deaths. The statistics also showed the importance of boasting safety instructions, with only 14% of deaths happening on boasts that received the guidelines. In 2009, 12,721,541 boats were registered.

The Role of a Boat Accident Lawyer

The job of the boat accident lawyer is to represent the victim of the incident and help in the filing of his or her claim. The attorney will take into account all the components and features that led to the accident so that the victim will receive the proper amount of compensation for his or her accident. The lawyer will consider factors like boat safety operations and guidelines, defective boat parts and systems, involvement of alcohol, competency of boat operators and possible statutes and laws in the area of the accident, especially if the boat is beyond the borders or in international waters. The boat accident lawyer can file for personal injury or death claims that will hopefully cover all expenses depending on the status of the client.

Seeking an Attorney

There are a number of websites where you can read more about the law firm and determine how experienced they are in handling boat accidents. Try to search for a boat accident lawyer who is familiar with the conditions and features of your particular case. Ask him or her about the outcome and similarities with other cases and determine how you should expect the case to turn out, based on the facts you have provided. A reputable lawyer will need to get all the information and will also provide you with some feedback every now and then. You can ask for specifics during the first meeting, such as his or her professional fee, how long the case might last and what other requirements are needed to strengthen the case.

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