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When do you need a Bike Accident Attorney?

Colorado bicycle accident lawyer will help individuals file claims that will provide recovery benefits to victims and hopefully guarantee safer routes for bicyclists. The issue is very complicated because several articles and statutes in the laws are covered. Looking for the right attorney for the case will require you to do some research first so that you will know the rules and will be aware of all the important details of your accident. The defendant will usually include road rules that might affect the outcome of the case.

About Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents are more common than most people think. In 2009, more than 51,000 bicycle-related accidents occurred and 630 people were killed. Out of the total-motor vehicle related deaths, bicyclists represented 2%. Most of the deaths and accidents occur in urban areas. 85 million adult Americans ride a bicycle at least once a year. 60% of fatalities that happen are head injuries. Most of the accidents occur in the evening or at night. Even with these very high numbers, most bicycle-related accidents are not reported because the victims don’t believe that the damage was serious enough to file a claim. Some other people don’t file claims because they are not aware of how the statutes and legislations work in their state. Some people don’t even consider bicycles a legitimate vehicle to file a case in court.

Finding a Bicycle Accident Lawyer

It is ideal to search for a bicycle accident lawyer who specializes in you specific area. This way, the attorney already knows the statistics in your location and can use the information from his or her own experience with previous cases to support your claim. Try to look for potential attorneys online who specialize in bicycle-related injuries, deaths and claims. Ask how long they have been practicing bicycle accident law and how long they have been practicing law altogether.

Take time to ask questions about the different aspects of your claim. Share the details of your case and make sure that the lawyer understands what you want to happen with your claim. Have the lawyer give you some guidelines about how to go through with the claim and what your expectations are based on the details of your case and the current laws in your area.

Searching for Potential Picks

You can visit or call a number of offices in your area or search the internet for potential bicycle accident lawyers. Compare up 5 different lawyers based on their knowledge and experience in your specific type of case. Also, ask for referrals from previous bicycle accident victims so they can point you to a good lawyer. It’s important to ask for rates as early as the first meeting so you will know how much you can expect to pay. Some attorneys will charge based on the case and others will charge by the hour, depending on the claim and the company.

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