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When do you need a Truck Crash Attorney?

In the United States alone, an estimated half a million trucking accidents happen every year. Out of these, 5,000 accidents result in deaths. An eighth of all traffic fatalities involve truck collisions. Most of these deaths involve other road users while the drivers of these trucks usually escape with minor injuries. From the large sizes of the trucks, most of the accidents only put the lives of other road users at risk.

Most truck accidents occur as a result of things which could be avoided by the truck drivers. Most of the truck drivers work long hours on the road and some operate the trucks while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Other reasons which make them work under so much pressure which leads to fatigue. Truck driver fatigue leads to lack of attention on the road and thus, truck accidents. Most people have been victims of such accidents and ended up with minor and major deformities and some have even died without any compensation for the pain, injury and losses suffered. In most of the cases, victims of truck accidents are not aware of the right channel to seek compensation, while others are aware but due to the incapacitation that is inflicted upon them, they are unable to move forward with the search for compensation. However, a Colorado truck accident lawyer is the ideal person to ensure that you get compensation for the pain, injury and loss suffered as a result of a truck accident.

When you approach a truck accident lawyer, he or she will be able to get your side of the story into the circumstances that led to the truck accident. This will be useful in helping the lawyer to be able to establish if indeed you are the one at fault or if the truck driver was, so that he or she can be able to file a lawsuit. In case it is established that the truck driver was at fault, then the lawyer will be able to move ahead and file a lawsuit against the truck driver or the truck company so that you can be compensated. The compensation shall however, depend on the submissions and the evidence that are presented to the judge from both the side of the defendant and the claimant. These are what the verdict of the judge shall be based upon.

A truck accident lawyer will act in your defense by giving you advice in making submissions and also help you in arguing out your case in a court of law. He or she will also be able to negotiate the settlements of the case such that you are able to get the correct compensation in case you win the case. If you win the case, the court will instruct the truck driver or company to compensate you for the injury and pain suffered, lost income, amount of money used in treatments, any costs incurred during the proceedings of the case and any other expenses as may be determined by the court.


Were you injured in an accident in Colorado? Do you want justice for those responsible? The Law Offices of Robert Koenig have over 20 years of experience fighting for our clients so they get the maximum settlement. With Millions of dollars collected, we know what it takes to put the insurance company on the run. Let our Colorado Truck Crash Attorneys concentrate on your case, so that you can focus on your own recovery. We proudly serve throughout the state of Colorado including: Boulder, Arvada, Aurora, Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins, Lakewood, Thornton, Pueblo, and Westminster. Call now for free information about your case!


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Reviewed by Joseph H. - 2012 .

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“Speaking with Robert Koenig made me feel reassured and optimistic. By negotiating with the insurance company he was able to get me a massive settlement. Robert, my thanks go out to you, I cannot express how grateful I am.”

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“After having my claim originally rejected by my insurance company, I called the Law Offices of Robert Koenig. Robert was able to quickly and easily get me the settlement that I knew I deserved. I didn’t even have to go to court!”

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Reviewed by Brian S. - 2011 .

Colorado Injury Lawyer that can win big!

“The Law Offices of Robert Koenig started work on my case right after I called them. Robert was professional, efficient, and cared that I received the help with my injury that I needed. Not only was I thrilled with the outcome, I would recommended him to anyone who is in need of a serious injury lawyer.”

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